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Exploring the Darker Side of Everything

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Extinction Events: An Inevitable Future

The end is nigh - but how nigh we have absolutely no idea. If there is one subject that humans have consistently struggled to...

Iran vs Saudi Arabia: The New Cold War

Introduction. As we speak, a cold war rages. Fought via proxy conflicts, arms-racing, economic wrestling, intelligence-gathering, and political machinations, it impacts the lives of hundreds...

Blood Diamonds: Funding African Civil Wars for a Century

Diamonds have long been a glittering symbol of success - a dazzling emblem of wealth and prosperity. In rich developed nations, an insatiable desire...

Napalm: The Horrific, Banned Weapon… That’s Still in Use Today

War has always been a savage undertaking. From the days of lining up in a field and hacking each other apart with swords and...

Exploding Dogs The Soviet Plan to Weaponize Man’s Best Friend

Intro  3:15 AM, June 22, 1941. German Wehrmacht forces launch Operation Barbarossa and invade the Soviet Union in what was, and still is today, the...

The Bronze Age Collapse: The End of an Era

Roughly 3,200 years ago, the Eastern Mediterranean was experiencing a glittering golden age. It was here that numerous interconnected civilizations, including the Egyptians, Assyrians,...

Operation CONDOR: When the United States Government Were the Terrorists

Introduction. State-sponsored terrorism. The phrase conjures up any number of images: religious fundamentalist nations training young zealots to attack infidels abroad; authoritarian regimes launching false-flag...

The Sentinelese: The Tribe Who Kill All Outsiders

In November 2018, news of a murder spread quickly around the globe. With somewhere in the region of 1,000 homicides occurring every day, this...

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